Jak wydał(a)byś pieniądze wygrane na loterii? - wzór wypracowania

Jak wydał(a)byś pieniądze wygrane na loterii?

Winning a lottery is everybody's dream. Most of us would like to live in luxury. It would be perfect to have enough money to buy whatever you can think of.

If I won a lottery, I would probably divide the money in three parts. I would share one of them with my family. My mother has always wanted to visit Australia and if I could buy her a trip there, it would make her really happy.

My brother is dreaming of a motorbike but he cannot afford to buy one. Because he wants to be a mechanic when he grows up, I think that a motorbike would be a good present for him.

Another part of my money would be spent on charity. I would like to sponsor a dog shelter or support a zoo. I think that animals can only depend on people's help so if I could, I would donate some money to let them live in comfort.

Finally, I would spend some of the money on myself. Like most teenagers, I have a lot of needs. Apart from things like fashionable clothes and modern electronic gadgets, I would like to do a bungie jump and learn to windsurf. I suppose that a windsurfing course is quite expensive. Maybe I could also go to Australia with my mum and do the course there! It would be fantastic.

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luxury - luksus
whatever - cokolwiek, wszystko
to divide - podzielić
to share - dzielić się (z kimś)
a trip - wycieczka
to depend - polegać, zależeć (od)
to donate - przekazać na jakiś cel
comfort - wygoda
finally - w końcu
teenagers - nastolatki
fashionable - wygodne
to suppose - przypuszczać
charity - charytatywność, dobroczynność
a dog shelter - schronisko dla psów
to support - wspomagać

to buy whatever you can think of - kupić wszystko, o czym tylko można pomyśleć
to do a course - zrobić kurs
cannot afford to .. - nie móc sobie pozwolić, żeby ..

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