Mój ulubiony artysta - wzór wypracowania

Mój ulubiony artysta

The only form of art that appeals to me is posters. They are made to advertise a new play, film, or event, or to make people aware of social and political problems. I admire their authors for the ability to express their message by means of a simple image and a few, or none, words.

One of my favourite poster designers is Lex Drewinski. He was born in Poland but now lives in Germany. In his works he uses just a few – often contrasting - colours, e.g. black and white, yellow and green, etc. To understand his message and appreciate the idea, you sometimes must be really perceptive, because he makes use of optical illusions.

One of his posters that has particularly stuck in my mind has three parts. There is a white foot set against a background which, if you look carefully, shows a human face. The background is in turn black, red, and yellow. When we have a closer look, we can see a white man kicking the faces of people of other races or these faces kissing the foot. The artist draws our attention to the problem of inequality, intolerance and discrimination.

Drewinski is a sensitive observer of our contemporary reality. He sometimes makes series of posters which revolve around the same problem or idea. In his works he focuses on problems like terrorism, religious fanatism, poverty, paedophilia, etc. This kind of art appeals to me, because it is intelligent, thought-provoking, and fun to analyse.

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a poster - plakat
to advertise - reklamować
an event - wydarzenie
to express - wyrazić
to appreciate - docenić
perceptive - spostrzegawczy
optical illusions - iluzje optyczne
to revolve around - obracać się wokół czegoś
particularly - szczególnie
background - tło
a race - rasa
to draw attention - przyciągnąć uwagę
intolerance - nietolerancja
inequality - nierówność
sensitive - wrażliwy
an observer - obserwator
contemporary - współczesny
to focus on - skupić się na
poverty - bieda
to appeal to - przemawiać do

to make someone aware of something - uświadomić coś komuś
by means of - przy pomocy
to make use of - wykorzystać
to stick in someone's mind - utknąć w czyjejś pamięci
to have a closer look - przyjrzeć się dokładniej, z bliska

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