List formalny. List z zażaleniem (dłuższa wersja) - wzór wypracowania

List formalny. List z zażaleniem (dłuższa wersja)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complain about the meal which I had in your restaurant on 13th April. It was supposed to be a special day for me and my girlfriend because I had planned to propose to her that evening. Unfortunately, almost everything went wrong.

First of all, when we arrived at the restaurant we had to wait over twenty minutes for a table, although I had booked one a few days in advance. The waitress I spoke to did not even bother to explain what had caused such a misunderstanding.

That waitress was not the only member of your personnel who seemed not to care about the customers at all. We were served by a waiter who was listening to his mp3 player while taking our order. As a result, instead of the lasagne that we ordered we were brought the steak. You can imagine how angry I was by that time, especially that I had made it clear on the phone that I expected things to go smoothly.

On top of that, when the engagement ring hidden in a glass of champagne arrived after the meal, the waiter congratulated my girlfriend before she realised what was happening!

Taking all that into account, I expect compensation in form of a refund. The standard of service we received was unacceptable, which made the whole experience very unpleasant for both of us. I insist that you also send a letter of apology to my girlfriend.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

liczba słów: ~250


to complain - skarżyć się, narzekać
to propose - oświadczyć się
to explain - wyjaśnić
a misunderstanding - nieporozumienie
smoothly - gładko, sprawnie
engagement - zaręczyny
a refund - zwrot poniesionych kosztów
to insist - nalegać
to bother - kłopotać się
compensation - rekompensta

in advance - z wyprzedzeniem
it was supposed to be - to miał być
as a result - w rezultacie, w konsekwencji
on top of that - na dodatek, co najgorsze
taking all that into account - biorąc to wszystko pod uwagę

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