Mój sposób na naukę języka angielskiego - wzór wypracowania

Mój sposób na naukę języka angielskiego

I know that learning a language is a long process and I should work hard to improve my English, but the problem is that I also have to learn other subjects. But I am trying to be systematic, so I spend about 15 minutes every day learning English.

I like reading versions of novels adapted to the reader's level. It is possible to listen to a CD at the same time. It helps me to work on my pronunciation and expand my vocabulary. Every day I read the new words from my English lessons. To remember them better, I write them on small pieces of paper which I stick on my desk, the walls and everywhere I can. It is a good method.

I am also learning English when I am surfing the Internet. A lot of websites are in English and I have noticed that now I can understand more than even a year ago. On the Internet I look for the lyrics of my favourite songs. Sometimes they are translated so I can immediately check the meaning of new expressions and words. I try to use them later when I am chatting to someone on Skype or writing something for school.

People say that the best way to learn English is to spend a longer time in England or the USA. I agree with it because when our school organised a monthly student exchange with a school in Britain I felt that my English was a lot better after that. Maybe I could study in London when I finish school. It is my dream.

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process - proces
to improve - polepszyć, poprawić
a subject - przedmiot (szkolny)
a novel - powieść
adapted - zaadaptowany, dostosowany
pronunciation - wymowa
to expand - poszerzyć
to stick - przykleić
a website - strona internetowa
to notice - zauważyć
lyrics - tekst piosenki
to translate - tłumaczyć
immediately - natychmiast, od razu
meaning - znaczenie
an expression - wyrażenie
monthly - miesięczny
an exchange - wymiana
a dream - marzenie

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