Opowiadanie w 1 os.: Najgorszy dzień w życiu (dłuższa wersja) - wzór wypracowania

Opowiadanie w 1 os.: Najgorszy dzień w życiu (dłuższa wersja)

Last Friday will probably change my life forever. I have never been superstitious before but after a series of unpleasant incidents that happened that day I'm not going to believe that Friday the 13th is a day like any other.

It all started in the morning. I overslept because I had been preparing for an English test. In a hurry I spilled coffee on the only clean T-shirt I had. I wouldn't have had time to change anyway, so instead, to cover the terrible stain, I grabbed whatever I could see in the hall, which turned out to be my younger brother's sweatshirt. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The sweatshirt made me look absolutely ridiculous. There was no time to think about it for too long, though.

Looking like a squeezed sausage I rushed to the bus stop. There was still a chance not to miss my English test, so I tried not to panic. The bus was supposed to come any minute. I was a bit surprised that there were still so many people waiting as it was almost 8 and most students should have gone by then. I was getting a little impatient when I heard the people next to me talking about an accident that had apparently taken place somewhere on the way and blocked traffic. There seemed to be no point in waiting for the bus any longer.

Not having a choice I decided to run to school. "It's not such a long distance," I kept repeating to myself as I was passing people on the pavement. I was quite sure I could still make it, when suddenly I felt someone pushing me really hard. I fell flat on the ground. When I looked up there was nobody around. Whoever pushed me had already run away. I was sitting there in pain, feeling furious.

When I stood up I could still walk, so not losing hope I hurried to school. When I finally got there, the lesson had already started. When I opened the door of the classroom ready to apologise to my English teacher for being late, I was taken aback when I saw our Maths teacher instead. The students were sitting quietly at their desks writing something. Before I could say anything the teacher told me to sit down and start the test! It turned out I had mistakenly prepared for an English test which was supposed to be the next Friday. That Friday we were tested in Maths!

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superstitious - przesądny
a series - seria
unpleasant - nieprzyjemny
to oversleep - zaspać
to spill - wylać, rozlać
to change - przebrać się
instead - zamiast
a stain - plama
to grab - chwycić
a sweatshirt - bluza
ridiculous - żałosny, śmieszny
to squeeze - ścisnąć
impatient - niecierpliwy
to pass - mijać
to apologise - przeprosić
apparently - podobno
furious - wściekły
mistakenly - przez pomyłkę

to catch a glimpse - zauważyć kątem oka
there is no point in doing something - nie ma sensu, żeby coś zrobić
to fall flat on the ground - upaść jak długi, twarzą na ziemię

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