Tylko bogaci ludzie mogą poprawić jakość swojego życia. Czy się z tym zgadzasz? (dłuższa wersja) - wzór wypracowania

Tylko bogaci ludzie mogą poprawić jakość swojego życia. Czy się z tym zgadzasz? (dłuższa wersja)

It is believed that money can help people improve their standard of living. Over the last several decades having a job that would assure a high salary has become a must. Everybody wants to be able to afford a long holiday and other forms of relaxation. These have become symbols of a high quality of life. Poorer people are sympathised with as those whose lives are unhappy and boring. Is it really so?

For ordinary people, a fortune is a result of very hard work. Ambitious people often spend long hours in their offices, hoping to be promoted and given a pay rise. It is hardly possible to catch a breath between a meeting with the boss and a business lunch. By the end of the day people are so tired that they fall asleep with the remote in their hands. This kind of routine is far from quality life. A holiday in a luxurios destination does not seem to make up for the stress of the whole year.

In contrast, poorer people do not usually have demanding jobs. They do not spend most of the day at work and they have time to meet their friends, go for a walk with the dog, or ride a bike. These activities in the long run may give them more energy and satisfaction from life than thousands on bank accounts whose owners do not have time to use.

To sum up, it is impossible to kill two birds with one stone, and very often rich people cannot enjoy life as much as it would seem. Not having time to do things which make them happy, they are often more miserable than those who may not have enough money to go on luxurious holidays once a year, but who enjoy small things in life.

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to improve - ulepszyć, poprawić
to assure - zapewnić
a must - konieczność
to sympathise - współczuć
miserable - nędzny, smutny, zabiedzony
ordinary - zwykły, przeciętny
a pay rise - podwyżka wynagrodzenia
a remote - pilot do telewizora
luxurious - luksusowy
demanding - wymagający
a bank account - konto bankowe
to grab - złapać, chwycić

what is more - co więcej
to sum up - podsumowując
to compensate for something - zrekompensować coś
to be able to afford something - móc pozwolić sobie na coś
to fall asleep - zasnąć
in the long run - na dłuższą metę
to kill two birds with one stone - upiec dwie pieczenie przy jednym ogniu

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