Opis miasta. Które polskie miasto polecił(a)byś zagranicznemu turyście i dlaczego? - wzór wypracowania

Opis miasta. Które polskie miasto polecił(a)byś zagranicznemu turyście i dlaczego?

In recent years Poland has become a popular destination. One of the places undoubtedly worth visiting is Gdansk, a city on the Baltic Sea. Gdansk offers a wonderful combination of old architecture, a holiday resort, and the atmosphere of a modern city.

A lot of fine historic buildings are located along Ulica Długa (Long Street) and Długi Targ (Long Market). Tourists admire Fontanna Neptuna (Neptune Fountain) and the most spectacular building that dominates the skyline - Bazylika Mariacka (St Mary's Church). It was built during the 15th century and is the largest brick church in the world.

An unquestionable advantage of the city is its location. The centre is a stone's throw from the coast. In warmer seasons its sandy beaches are occupied by holidaymakers. If you like cycling, you can ride along the coast to Sopot and Gdynia - two other famous cities in the north of Poland – and admire the picturesque landscape.

Gdansk is also the host of numerous events, such as Shakespearean Festival or St Dominic's Fair, during which you can buy Polish handicraft and amber jewellery and attend various performances, concerts, exhibitions, etc. Because Gdansk lies on the Moltawa River, you can occasionally see a parade of yachts and boats that pass gracefully along the river towards the sea.

Gdansk has something for all tastes and it is a perfect place both for a short holiday break and for a longer stay. Whatever the weather, you can enjoy its many attractions.

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undoubtedly - niewątpliwie
combination - połączenie
to admire - podziwiać
brick - cegła, ceglany
unquestionable - niekwestionowany
location - położenie
sandy - piaszczysty
picturesque - malowniczy
a host - gospodarz
numerous - liczny
handicraft - rękodzieło
amber - bursztyn
jewellery - biżuteria
a yacht - jacht
gracefully - z gracją
an exhibition - wystawa
a taste - gust

worth visiting - wart odwiedzenia
to dominate the skyline - górować nad otoczeniem, wyróżniać się na tle krajobrazu
to be a stone's throw from - być o rzut beretem od ..

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