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Mój przyjaciel

My best friend's name is Kasia. We have known each other since we were small children. Kasia is my age - we are both 15 now. She is quite a pretty girl, with long brown hair and blue eyes.

We don't go to the same school because we live in different cities, but we spend time together whenever we can. Kasia is fun to be with. She has a fantastic sense of humour and there's always a smile on her face. She also has a lot of ideas about what we could do, so I'm never bored with her. We can spend hours looking for bargains in shops with second-hand clothes, watching films or baking cakes. We really get on well.

Kasia is one of the friendliest people I have ever met. She is someone you can rely on in every situation and she has never turned her back on me when I was in trouble.

She is also an intelligent girl. At the moment she is helping me with maths, because my results at school are not impressive. Kasia is good at science, but she's not a typical bookworm. She is just an open-minded person who likes to know a lot about the world.

I can say that I'm really lucky to have such a friend. I hope we will never drift apart.

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both - obie, oboje, itd.
quite - dosyć
whenever - kiedykolwiek, kiedy tylko
ideas - pomysły
bored - znudzony
bargains - okazje
to bake - piec
trouble - kłopoty
results - wyniki
impressive - robiący wrażenie
typical - typowy
bookworm - mól książkowy
second-hand - używany
to drift apart - oddalić się

She is fun to be with. - Miło/Wesoło się z nią spędza czas.
a sense of humour - poczucie humoru
get on well with someone - dogadywać się z kimś, dobrze się z kimś rozumieć, mieć dobry kontakt
rely on someone - polegać na kimś
to be good at something - być w czymś dobrym
We will never drift apart. - Nie oddalimy się od siebie.
to turn one's back on someone - odwrócić się do kogoś plecami

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