Opowiadanie w 1 os.: The most embarrassing situation in my life. - wzór wypracowania

Opowiadanie w 1 os.: The most embarrassing situation in my life.

One day I needed some things from the shop so I visited the supermarket near my block. It is divided in two parts with separate check-outs: the food section and the part where you can buy almost everything else. I decided to buy some groceries first.

I spent some time inspecting the shelves and after paying for my things at the check-out I went to the other part of the shop. I took a trolley and put in the plastic bag with the groceries. I placed my sweatshirt on top of it. While I was walking around the shop, I could feel I was being watched. Two guards were walking up and down the aisles. When I got through the check-out, one of them asked me to open my bags. I was so astonished I didn't object.

The guard was particularly interested in the plastic bag I'd got in the food section. When he saw my groceries, he asked me for the receipt. I probably turned red then because I realised that I hadn't taken the receipt for the food! I explained I had just paid for the items in the food section. He told me to follow him to the check-out there.

My heart was pounding like crazy. 'What is the cashier denies seeing me before?' I thought. It was such a relief when she said she remembered me! I was allowed to leave the shop but nobody apologised to me for the incident. I have never decided to go there again.

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divided - podzielony
check-out - kasa
separate - oddzielny
groceries - artykuły spożywcze
to inspect - badać, oglądać z uwagą
trolley - wózek
sweatshirt - bluza
guard - strażnik
aisle - przejście między rzędami
astonished - zdumiony
to object - sprzeciwiać się, oponować
receipt - paragon
to turn red - poczerwienieć
to realise - zdać sobie sprawę
to pound - bić, uderzać
to deny - zaprzeczyć
relief - ulga
to apologise - przeprosić
incident - incydent, wydarzenie, sytuacja

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