List nieformalny. List do koleżanki, która przyjedzie do nas z zagranicy. - wzór wypracowania

List nieformalny. List do koleżanki, która przyjedzie do nas z zagranicy.

Dear Lisa,

I'm very happy you're coming to Poland and will be staying with us. Our mums are good friends so I hope we'll get on well too.
I'm going to pick you up from the airport. I look a bit different now than in the holiday photos from last summer. I've lost some weight and my hair is much longer. But you'll definitely recognise me. Just in case – I'll be wearing a flowery dress.
We're going to take a bus to the centre and my father has promised to pick us up from there any time we want to go home. If you're not too tired after the flight, we can do some sightseeing or shopping, but there will be time for that later in the week too.
Give me some ideas about what you would like to do when you're here. I've already made some plans but if they are completely different from yours we can still change them. I thought we could visit the zoo which is located in a beautiful area just outside the city. My friends are dying to meet you so we'll probably go to a club together at the weekend. Does this sound OK?

That's all for now.

Write soon,


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to get on well - rozumieć się z kimś dobrze, 'dogadywać się'
to pick up - odebrać
to lose weight - tracić na wadze, chudnąć
definitely - zdecydowanie
to recognise - rozpoznać
just in case - tak na wszelki wypadek
flowery - kwiecisty, w kwiaty
located - zlokalizowny, umiejscowiony
to be dying to do something - nie móc się doczekać, żeby coś zrobić

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Żebym ja to dobaczył przed maturą :D ale zdałem dobrze to jest ok :D

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