Rozprawka za i przeciw: Wady i zalety posiadania telefonu komórkowego - wzór wypracowania

Rozprawka za i przeciw: Wady i zalety posiadania telefonu komórkowego

Almost every person nowadays has a mobile phone and younger people do not even remember the times when mobiles did not exist. A mobile phone is probably the most frequently used gadget. What are its advantages and disadvantages?

On the plus side, a mobile makes communication easier than ever. It is a very handy thing which lets us contact others wherever we are. As a result, on the phone we can arrange things that would otherwise take us a lot of time. We can also feel secure away from home, knowing that we can call for help if needed. What is more, this tiny device can be a source of entertainment. Most models now have a built-in camera, an mp3 player, etc.

On the other hand, over the last years we have become so addicted to mobile phones that we use them even if it is not absolutely necessary. Some people send hundreds of text messages a month, instead of having face-to-face conversations, not to mention the cost. Another thing is that excessive use of a mobile is reported to lead in some cases to brain cancer.

To sum up, having a mobile phone is certainly very convenient. It helps us save time and in some situations gives a sense of security. It is good to remember though that the device should be used in moderation if we do not want it to have a negative effect on our finances, social life and health.

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to exist – istnieć
frequently – często
handy – poręczny, przydatny
a device - urządzenie
otherwise – inaczej, w innej sytuacji, w przeciwnym razie
tiny – drobny
a source – źródło
entertainment – rozrywka
built-in – wbudowany
addicted – uzależniony
excessive – nadmierny
brain cancer – rak mózgu
convenient – dogodny

not to mention … – nie mówiąc o ...
to become addicted to … - uzależnić się od …
in some cases – w niektórych przypadkach
in moderation – z umiarem

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