Opis osoby. Osoba, którą podziwiam - wzór wypracowania

Opis osoby. Osoba, którą podziwiam

Most of us admire heroic revolutionaries or soldiers fighting for the freedom of their countries. We also respect average citizens who bravely risk their lives helping victims of natural disasters. Others may not be remembered for any heroic acts, but their personality and attitude to life make our lives easier. One of such people is my mother.

She has had a difficult life, but she has never been miserable. Against all odds – an unhappy childhood and a divorce - she managed to bring up three children on her own, giving us all the love and attention we needed. Although there have been times of worry and insecurity, for example when my brother got seriously ill at the age of four, or when my mother invested almost all her savings in a business that never worked out, she has never lost her optimism. Although it must have been stressful for her, she has always made us feel safe.

Another thing I admire about my mother is her patience. My brothers and I have gone through short periods of teenage rebellion. We have made some mistakes but we could always count on our mum to support us when we got in trouble. She has never criticised us in front of others, which we will always be grateful for.

To sum up, my mother is for me an example of an everyday hero. Despite problems she has had, she has done her best to protect her children and give us a sense of security.

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to admire - podziwiać
heroic - bohaterski
a revolutionary - rewolucjonista
a soldier - żołnierz
to respect - szanować, darzyć respektem
average - przeciętny, zwykły
a citizen - obywatel
bravely - odważnie
a victim - ofiara
a natural disaster - klęska żywiołowa
an act - czyn
miserable- przygnębiony, rozżalony, smutny
a divorce - rozwód
insecurity - niepewność, brak bezpieczeństwa
savings- oszczędności
patience - cierpliwość
rebellion - bunt
to support - wspierać
grateful - wdzięczny
despite - pomimo
to protect - chronić

against all odds - wbrew wszelkim przeciwnościom
to get in trouble - wpaść w kłopoty
a sense of security - poczucie bezpieczeństwa

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