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Create the adjective from the given word.

poziom ćwiczenia: advanced

Opis gramatyki: Przymiotniki angielskie

  1. I feel very sadness because my dog is sick.

  2. The results of the competition were really surprise. I hadn't expected to win.

  3. Mike is exhaustion. He has been working all day.

  4. Our trip was very excitement. We saw a bear in the forest.

  5. Mary is so stubbornness. I couldn't get her to change her mind.

  1. You look slimness. Have you lost weight?

  2. When I wear elegance dresses, I feel more feminine.

  3. My mother is a very indecision person. She can't make up her mind.

  4. This silk scarf is the best present I've ever had.

  5. That impression building is where the meeting will be.

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