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Create the adjective from the given word.

Utwórz przymiotnik od podanego słowa.

  1. My robot is very use . It can wash dishes and do the ironing.

  2. This tattoo is wash so my parents won't be angry.

  3. Your dress is very fashion . Where did you buy it?

  4. Our kiss was so tenderness . I will never forget that moment.

  5. They look very tan . I suppose they have spent all day on the beach.

  1. Jimmy looks paleness . Are you sure he isn't ill?

  2. My face is freckle . I've spent too much time in the sun.

  3. My parents are really impatience . They hate waiting for me in the evenings.

  4. My mum is persistence . She has been on a diet for three weeks.

  5. My friend is a reserve person. He seldom hugs me.

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