Przymiotniki - ćwiczenia z angielskiego

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Polecenie: Create the adjective from the given word:
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Opis gramatyki: Przymiotniki angielskie

  1. It was so beauty yesterday that we went for a walk.

  2. Your bag looks very heaviness. Please, let me help you.

  3. John doesn't look very health. Maybe he should see a doctor.

  4. My job is really danger. That's why I'm thinking of looking for another.

  5. There is a Bohemia festival in my town next week..

  6. Your office is too crowd. How can you concentrate here?

  7. This house is haunt. Don't go in!

  8. In my opinion you're too haste. You should think it over.

  9. Sharks are the most fear animals. I'm really afraid of them.

  10. This hotel is cheapness so we can stay here longer than we planned.

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