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Complete the sentences using Past Continuous:

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Opis gramatyki: Past Continuous - zastosowanie

  1. Sue drive very fast when that terrible accident happened.

  2. What they/do all day yesterday? I look for them.

  3. While I read his letter, the phone rang and I ran to answer it.

  4. My neighbours behave very loudly last night and I couldn't sleep.

  5. When I entered the room, everyone stare at me and I not/feel comfortable.

  1. I not/work at eight o'clock yesterday evening.

  2. They not/enjoy themselves at the party when I first saw them.

  3. The wind still/blow when we went out, and it was extremely cold.

  4. While you relax in the garden, we build your summer house.

  5. Why Jim/pretend that he was happy at the party?

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