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Past Simple or Past Continuous? Provide the correct form of the verb.

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Opis gramatyki: Past Simple - zastosowanie

  1. Carol break her arm when she paint the ceiling.

  2. I finish that book yesterday. The ending was amazing.

  3. you/watch TV when I call you last night?

  4. What time you/come back from Jim's birthday yesterday?

  5. It not/snow when I wake up this morning.

  1. What she/do all day while you work on your project?

  2. I not/go to school today because I felt ill and Mum let me stay at home.

  3. When you phone me, I study for an exam.

  4. They have lunch when we came round, so they couldn't go to the city centre with us.

  5. I leave home at five yesterday and go straight to work.

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