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Complete the sentences using Past Simple.

poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Past Simple - zastosowanie

  1. I be at the theatre last week and I really enjoy the play.

  2. Jane feel very tired yesterday and she sleep all day.

  3. We dance and talk to many people at the party last night.

  4. They be very thirsty, so they buy some water in the shop.

  5. I study English at college and then I begin teaching.

  1. Her grandparents die in 1987 and she move into their flat.

  2. We have lunch at two and we come back to work immediately afterwards.

  3. Bill give me a nice present which make me happy.

  4. My parents visit Rome two years ago and they simply love it.

  5. Last week he see a terrible accident in which many people be injured.

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