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Complete the sentences using Past Simple

poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Past Simple - zastosowanie

  1. He stand up, take his jacket and leave the office.

  2. How you/feel when she tell you about her love affair?

  3. I not/understand why she suddenly decide to marry that man.

  4. I be born in Manchester in 1977 but spend a lot of time in London.

  5. They not/be late for the meeting because they finish work at two o'clock.

  1. We not/invite her to dinner yesterday because she be very rude last time.

  2. What time she/go to Bill's office yesterday and how long it/take her to find those papers?

  3. John do his homework at four, have dinner and call his girlfriend.

  4. She go to England in 1990, stay there for two years and return in late 1992.

  5. you/hear that sound a minute ago? What be it?

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