Mowa zależna – pytania (reported speech – questions): ćwiczenia


Choose the correct form to complete the reported questions. Remember about the sequence of tenses.

poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Mowa zależna - tworzenie pytań | Reported speech

  1. A thief said: "Where's your money?"
    You report: "The thief asked me where I   my money."

  2. Someone in the street said: "What time is it?"
    You report: "A guy in the street asked me what the time  ."

  3. A guitarist said: "What chord are you playing there?"
    You report: "The guitarist asked me what chord  ."

  4. A smoker said: "Excuse me, mate, have you got a light?"
    You report: "Then he asked me if I   a light."

  5. A barman said: "We're closing soon. Any more orders?"
    You report: "The barman said the bar  1   soon and  2   us for our last orders."


  1. A market trader said: "Would you like this bag in a different colour?"
    You report: "The stallholder  1   me a bag I  2   at in a different colour."


  2. Your friend said: "Is that your dog in the river?
    You report: "My friend asked me  1   the dog in the river  2    3  ."


  3. A mother said: "What do you want for lunch, Timmy?"
    You report: "She asked her son what he   for lunch."

  4. A butcher said: "Would you like me to cut the fat off this steak?"
    You report: "The butcher asked if I  1   the fat cut from the steak I  2  .


  5. A man said: "Can you lend me ten pounds, please?
    You report: "I couldn't believe it when he   me to lend him some money.

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