Przysłówki miejsca – ćwiczenia z angielskiego


Choose the correct adverbs to complete the sentences.

poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Przysłówki miejsca w języku angielskim

  1. Don't let the dog  ! He's got dirty feet!

  2. The sun's  ! Let's go for a morning walk!

  3. I was playing   when I heard some shouting.

  4. I have to go   to the top of that hill to take some photographs of the town.

  5. Why did you tell me to look in this box? There's nothing in  .

  1. I have to go   this afternoon, so let's eat now.

  2. We haven't been   for weeks. We could eat out this evening.

  3. Mr Jenkins is   on business all this week.

  4. Please put those papers   in the drawer.

  5. It took us a long time to find our way   to the motorway.

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