Czas Present Simple – testy


Put the words into the correct order. Remember: the first word of a sentence must start with a capital letter.

poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Present Simple

  1. go together they school to

  2. hair looks your always great

  3. a get I job new to want

  4. in Leonard London often works

  5. a aunt month my once us visits

  1. are neighbours noisy our very

  2. does homework Julia never on her time

  3. centre the go near supermarket the to town we

  4. German Malcolm speaks very well

  5. at we both English study university

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Komentarze (5)

Mistake :D

I have been studying since 4 months - correct :)

I want to be alone, we should know when we have to say something less polite, anyway this website is very helpful, i was been learning since 4 months and my level is improving every day and in addition i speak with my friend from USA, this is the best way to study English if you want to accomplish quickly results. All the best !


Thank you,

Fajne ćwiczenia, ale zdecydowanie za często pada słowo 'want', które w Anglii jest uznawane za mega niegrzeczne. Tutaj mówi się would like to.

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