Strona bierna w czasach perfect – testy


Write past perfect sentences in the passive voice.

poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Strona bierna - czasy Perfect

  1. The table looked nice because it polish.

  2. My window smash three times before the police caught the culprit.

  3. The water keep in the fridge, so it was cold.

  4. Mike see near the cinema, so we went to look for him.

  5. She not/love by anyone before she met Jim.

  1. Nick's wife find working in a bar in Paris before Christmas.

  2. the record/break by a woman before Tracy beat it?

  3. I inform about the accident long before the poilce inquiry began.

  4. The dog wash by my son before I got home.

  5. She was depressed because her daughter hurt in a car accident.

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