Kilka zadań do sprawdzenia.

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Hej. Mam kilka zadań do sprawdzenia.
ZAD.A Check correct answer
1. AS part of my old job, I _____________ abroad a lot.
a) had travelled
b) travelled
c) am travelling
d) will travel

2. Every Friday, my father _____________ us out to eat.
a) takes
b) is taking
c) has been taking
d) will take

3. Alex _____________ first car in 2011.
a) bought
b) buys
c) will be buying
d) was buying

4. Hurry up! The bus _____________ !
a) will be leaving
b) had left
c) is leaving
d) leaves

5. We _____________ you when we have the power went out.
a) had been watching
b) used to watch
c) was watching
d) will watch

6. Don't worry! I _____________ everything.
a) 'll fix
b) fix
c) be fixing
d) had been fixing

7. Marry _____________ me a secret about her past yesterday.
a) told
b) has told
c) is telling
d) will tell

8. __________ at 2 hours when he realised his car was low on gas
a) has been driving
b) had been driving
c) will have been diving
d) been driving

9. _________ the answer to that question?
a) Do you know
b) Had you known
c) Have you known
d) Know you

10. We are looking fot _____________ different place to go on holiday this year.
a) the
b) one
c) a
d) an

11. I didn't find ____________ of the two books interesting.
a) both
b) neither
c) a few
d) either

12. __________ student has their own locker.
a) Every
b) Any
c) No
d) Some

13. Even if I tried my hardest, I could never run as _____________ as him.
a) fast
b) fastest
c) faster
d) the fastest

14. _________ my brothers play sports.
a) Both of
b) Some
c) None
d) Neither

15. Feel free to visit us _____________ day next week.
a) any
b) most
c) a few
d) no

16. I won't eat _____________ spicy.
a) anything
b) nothing
c) any
d) everything

17. He behaved _____________ at the party.
a) badly
b) worse
c) worst
d) bad

18. She is _____ girl in the entire class.
a) smarter
b) smarter than
c) the smart
d) the smartest
ZAD.B Match
1. Pros and ____ a) On
2. Peace and ____ b) Ready
3. Leaps and ____ c) Downs
4. On and ____ d) Then
5. Rough and ____ e) Through
6. Now and ____ f) Breezy
7. Sick and ____ g) Bounds
8. Ups and ____ h) Take
9. Through and ____ i) Cons
10. Give and ____ j) Quiet
11. Bright and ____ k) tired
ZAD.C Rewrite
1. Did someone give you those lovely flowers?
Were_________________________________________________________ those lovely flowers?
2. Has anyone ever told you that you have lovely eyes?
Have_________________________________________________________ you have lovely eyes?
3. Aret hey following him now?
Is_________________________________________________________ at the moment?
4. Will they arrest him soon?
_________________________________________________________ soon?
5. They can’t find the missing girl anywhere.
_________________________________________________________ anywhere.
6. They’ll make an announcement tommorow.
_________________________________________________________ tommorow?
ZAD.D Complete the conversation by adding the missing words from the box to the phrases in bold red.
shouldn’t obvious you can surely is

A: Don’t you agree that voting should be compulsory like it is in Australia?
B: But it should be up to the individual.
A: Why? Anyone see that politics affects our daily lives.
B: But we just let politicians get on with governing the country?
A: So what you’re saying that we as individuals have no power?
B: But isn’t it that we don’t?
A: Well clearly we’ll have to agree to disagree.
ZAD.E There is one extra word in each sentence. Cross out the extra word.
1. Tom is such a so helpful person, don’t you think?
2. Why on the earth didn’t you listen to me?
3. I so do know the answer to the question if you don’t mind!
4. My neigbours are the ones who they looked after my house while I was away.
5. It’s very comletely insane to spend so much money on clothes.
6. There’s no the way you could have met Paul before.
ZAD.F Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box
happen catch realise occur go remind

1. I’m afraid I didn’t catch the make of car.It could have been a Renault.
2. It _________ to me that the young man was acting suspiciously.
3. My mind just ________ blank and I couldn’t remember anything.
4. It all _________ so fast that I just froze.
5. She _________ me of my sister as they’re both tall and blonde.
6. It was only later that I ________ the danger I’d been in.
Które z tych zadań rozwiązałaś?
wiekszosc lub wszystkie -w linkach w pierwszej wiadomosci
ciezko sie sprawdza.
Dlaczego w zad a zmieniłaś odp 4?
Zad b - 4 odpowiedzi źle.
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Zad d ok.
Zad e ok.
Inne błędy w zad a
at 2 hours w 8, z jakiego to podręcznika?
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