Bad joke

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If you get a little depressed(usually when u are excessively alone) just allow yourself to experience whatever the feeling is and it will too pass. Anyways I got very VERY bad joke for ya. Which is freaking funny and allows you to let go. Here it is:

There was a mother of 3 sons. First son was called Foot second one Foot Foot and the third was called Foot Foot Foot.

Once Foot asked the mom:
Foot: Mom, Can I go this weekend to the town- never been there in my life ?
Mom: No, it's too dangeorus...
Foot: mom... I'll take Foot (my younger brother) with me. We gonna have good time.
Mom: Ok then.

So they took a bus,after a while they arrived. When they were walking down the road they saw a half-eaten hamburger on the ground. Foot foot picked it up and decided to eat it.

Foot stopped him, he said: No! Foot Foot you can't eat that u don't know what it is I better eat it first - I am your older brother.

So Foot took a hamburger from Foot Foot and ate it. Hamburger was old and dirty and poor Foot got seek and got infection. Foot Foot took Foot to the hospital. Foot Foot was taking care of Foot , he was on the job to take care of him but unfortunately the infection was so bad the poor Foot died. So Foot Foot took his dead brother home and the family made a ceremony and buried him. After the grieving period(czas oplakiwania) Foot Foot went to the mom and said:

Foot Foot: Mom I only spent 10 min. in town, most of the time I spent in hospital. can I go back there ?
Mom: Of course you can't go back !
Foot Foot: Mom ! I will take my younger brother Foot Foot Foot so we can have a nice time.
Mom: No! of course you can't go
Foot Foot: Why not ? mom!
Mom: Because Son, I have one Foot in the grave already !


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