I expected better....

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Read in today's Daily Mail:
A model weeped in court after being charged with trying to smuggle £1.1million worth of heroin on a flight to Ireland in a suitcase.
...It only goes to show that you just cannot rely on newspapers...
I don't understand: what's wrong with this sentence?
weep -> wept
Cytat: terri
...It only goes to show that you just cannot rely on newspapers...

So, Terri, where's the factual distortion? I understand you were the model...
If only I had the legs for it.......
Somehow I expected that a journalist would know the past tense of a word, but then again...
The world is going mad and even more madder.
A 69 year old man has asked the Court to amend his birth certificate to show his age as 49, because doctors have told him that he has the body of a 49 year old. He wants to attract younger women when he goes on-line.
What will men think of next?
That doesn't even make sense. What kinda fake news are you reading? ;))) Since when people show each other their birth cards when they want to 'couple up'. Anyway, people online lie about their age, marital status, gender, sexual preference etc ALL THE TIME.
If that's true, then they should have done it and at same stop his pension payments and make him pay back pension benefits he'd received to date ;)) 'cause as far as I gather, the retirement age in Holland is 65 or 67.
Weeped "Not to be confused with "wept", which is the past tense of "weep" when weep refers to crying. Weeped is the past tense form of weep when weep is used in the sense of drainage.
Last week I scrapped my knee and it weeped puss for two days before scabbing over. I wept with joy when it finally healed". https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=weeped
the knee weeped puss? Wacky anatomy.
But the model in the original story 'wept' - in the sense of crying her eyes out for being caught.
In defense of the journalist, weeped is often used. Just google "he weeped" or "she weeped" ;)))
I do not and never have trusted 'google.'
Why not? Google only quotes what others, ie writers, journalists, poets etc, have written. It's a very valuable reference source.
Yes, but it is only one of good reference sources. Google also contains written material by people who are non-native English speakers, people who did not study English at school and those who have no idea whether they are living in the real world or not.
Many, if not all sentence examples in online dictionaries, so called 'Examples from Corpus' are found in Google.
nope please do remember the fact, that, a woman gonna get right into you and leave you breathless , lol. someone must have told me so or something like that .
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if you want to be killed , you'll be killed with loving ;) some would say, but sadly . I Am not

that loving kind to be killed on the spot .. mind that it takes some time to make sure who would be the loving kind to be killed :)
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