Poetry in advertisements

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Recently, I found this poem by R. Rochester which was originally part of an TV advertisement.

Gobble us no gook, man
And poppy us no cock!
Mumbo us no jumbo
And jabber us no wock!
Spare us all the twaddle
Cut the gibble-gabble
Stow the fiddle-faddle
And lose the bibble-babble
Hocus us no pocus
Roll away the mist
Sharpen up the focus, man!
Just tell it like it is!.
Cute! What did it advertise?
It advertised the Prudential Insurance company.
Generally any agreements etc that are signed are full of 'gobbledegook', 'poppycock' and 'mumbo jumbo'. I like it because it simply states - 'get to the point man', speak in Plain English and don't give me all the 'hocus pocus'.
gush... can't understand it at all..

terri, ARE YOU SURE it is in english? ;0

of course it's in English, except you have to know words like 'jabberwocky' 'hocus pocus', poppycock, gobbledegook, twaddle, etc.
... that's the point.

can you try to clarify and translate into polish?

You cannot translate exactly all the words used in this poem, but I think that even 'hokus pokus' means something in polish. For the other words go to www.wikipedia.com - once you realize what they might mean in context, then try and find polish equivalents.
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