Basia does Wawa - guest blog

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"GP" rating maintained.
Did not get into the details of a lovely evening spent with one of the forum's finest. :)
Ah, the twinkling lights of Stare Miasto after dark....
>Ah, the twinkling lights of Stare Miasto after dark....

you mean: reflecting off a baldish scalp? :-))

Madam, it was a delicious evening.

Eat your heart out, Savvy, and don't miss another chance to talk to Siuniab should opportunity arise.
nice blog. I take it you have now become 'an official Pole'?
blushing fiercely...

Kind words mg. :)
"official Pole"? that will still take about 8 - 10 months, but the process is underway and I don't anticipate any problems.

I did get some paszport photos taken in Poland in anticipation of the big event though. Sizing of "official" photos is somewhat different than in Canada, so I thought it would be best to go with a local photographer.
I definitely will. A rueful twinge of inability to snatch at the meeting is still flickering in my mind.:(
Now I think I know what mg looks like.:) That would somewhat confirm the axiom that “chrome-domes”( respect) are not cerebrally deficient, if not in abundance. :))
Siunia, glad you noticed the progress we’ve made over 25 years but there are still a lot of crooks waiting for the axe. I’m sure you know what I mean. :)
Hey Savvy, there's always next spring...:)

My travel plans with my SIL are evolving to include Amsterdam and Germany. And Germany is only a hogs holler away from Polska right? A quick overnight train and I can find myself in Wawa. Those of us from the Great White North are not scared off by a little geography (oceans perplex us a little however). I can manufacture all sorts of reasons for a quick visit (pay my lawyer more money, pick up documents, register more documents, itd). So you may not find yourself off the hook quite yet.

Wrazienia z Polski? I'm afraid I'm not taking my rose coloured glasses off any time soon. :)
True, as they say “no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow”.:)
Right ,Krautland (no offence) is quite within shouting distance of our "milk and honey land", compared to the mileage that you probably used to cover in Canada.
Hope we’ll walk the cobbled streets of the Old Town soon.:)
No perfect local guide would be of bigger consideration than your “obedient servant” who spent there a couple of years as an “apron” , taking care of “stuffed shirt wire-pullers” in a fancy restaurant, if I may so speak.:)
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