Pros and Cons Essay - do sprawdzenia

Napisz rozprawkę, w której przedstawisz wady i zalety uczenia się kilku języków obcych

Nowadays, learning multiple languages at the same time tends to be spreading among the students. It obviously has it's advantages and disadvantages.
First of all, learning new languages at once could save a lot of time, rather than doing it separately, but learner has to be consequent at his work. Secondly, this kind of studying enables the majority of our brain parts. It causes to develop our minds for the future learning and makes it a lot easier. Last, but not least, people who are quick learners and know languages well can work as translators and earn money without too much effort.
On the other hand, people who are learning more than one language at once have to spend a lot of their free time for studying. Because of that, their day schedule is usually strictly organised and they can not really be creative on it. Additionally, if the human brain is forced to hard work on recognizing new words of all languages at the same time, it may end dramatically, because someone's body might not be used to it. Finally, it is important to mention that not everyone is able to learn multiple things at a time. It is usually pretty hard for people who had never experienced it.
To sum up, there are indeed pros and cons of learning multiple languages at the same time and therefore is no doubt that there will always be some opponents and followers of this learning method. However it would appear to me, that the good points outweigh the drawbacks.
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