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Stworzyłem oddzielny topic, żeby wypisać przykładowe tematy na maturę ustną rozszerzoną, o które dwie osoby prosiły gdzieś na tym forum. :) Myślę, że każdy, kto zamierza zdawać w/w formę matury ustnej, skorzysta z tych materiałów niezależnie od swoich umiejętności językowych. :-)

1. What shapes our personality: our genes or the environment in which we grow up? Justify your opinion.
2. Does our nationality determine the way we think and act? In what way?
3. Do you believe in horoscopes? Can our date of birth influence our character? Why do so many people read horoscopes?
4. Would you ever consider having plastic surgery? Why/Why not? What are the positive and negative aspects of plastic surgery?
5. "Rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together" (Petrarch). Comment.
6. How important is the dress code in our lives? Do you think that the way we dress says something about our personality? Why/Why not?
7. Does fashion play an important part in your life? Why do you think people are so concerned about the way they look?
8. Some people say that we are as old as we feel. How do you understand this statement?
9. Do you think that cloning may be useful to humans? Why? What might the negative implications of cloning be?
10. Why are there so many people who are against organ donation? What is your attitude towards donating organs?
11. Is genetic engineering a blessing or a curse?
12. Do you think that honesty is the best policy nowadays?

1. Explain the proverb: My home is my castle.
2. Explain the saying: Show me your home and I'll tell you who you are.
3. Household duties (doing the washing up, cleaning, hovering etc.) are relaxing and give us pleasure and satisfaction. Do you agree?
4. What are the most important things that make a home comfortable?
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a block of flats and a detached house?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living with a roommate?
7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living alone?
8. If you were to share a flat with someone, what would your requirements be?
9. What are the most important things you should consider while looking for a flat?
10. When choosing a new place to live, how important is the neighbourhood? What are the benefits of being on good terms with neighbours?
11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city and in the country?
12. What should be done to make big cities more friendly?

1. What do you think of the educational system in your country? What changes would be welcomed by students in Polish schools?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of private schools/state school?
3. Education is something permanent. We never stop learning. Discuss.
4. What problems do you have to cope with at school?
5. What do you think school problems result from? What can be done to reduce school problems?
6. What qualities do you think a good teacher should have?
7. Schools would educate more effectively if teachers didn't have to give grades. Discuss.
8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying in your own town and studying in a different city?
9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad?
10. Bullying is becoming a serious problem in many schools. What can be done to stop it?
11. Is good education important to make a career nowadays?
12. Knowledge and happiness are incompatible; the more you know the more you worry. Discuss.

1. Why is work so important in life? Why is it difficult to find a job in Poland?
2. Retirement should be made compulsory for everyone at the age of 60. Discuss.
3. Which is more important, money or job satisfaction? Why?
4. Why are so many people workaholics nowadays? Could this be called a disease?
5. What are the reasons for sex and age discrimination in the workplace? What can bo done to eliminate discrimination at work?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the fact that young people take up holiday jobs? What factors can influence the choice of a holiday job?
7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of home working?
8. What are the social and psychological consequences of being unemployed?
9. What measures should be taken to counteract unemployment?
10. What, in your opinion, motivates people to go to work: boredom, the need to make a living or the need for respect and social recognition? Can you think of other reasons?

Ufff... więcej potem, bo już wysiadam. ^^
Wielgachne dzięki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! doooobre to ;p słuchaj a poleciłbyś jakieś repetytorium czy cuś tam, gdzie mogłabym znaleźć przykładowe odpowiedzi na tego typu pytania?
tak żeby wiedzieć na co dokładnie zwrócić uwagę;)
Pytań jest taki ogrom, ze nie sposób je wszystkie ogarnąć, można zapytac o wszystko . Trzeba po prostu mieć wiedzę leksykalną żeby odpowiedzieć na te tematy i niejaką płynność w mowie i MYŚLENIU.

Matura Companion, Egzamin ustny wyd. Express Publishing - specjalnie przygotowana książka do matury ustnej - tam pod każdym tekstem są pytania, ćwiczenia

Repetytorium maturalne 1 i 2 Wagros. To samo.
narrow-minded mógłbyś zamieścić tutaj jeszcze inne bloki tematyczne??????????????? pleeeeeeease
mozna spytac skad masz te topiki?z jakiejs ksiazki albo cos?:)
>mozna spytac skad masz te topiki?z jakiejs ksiazki albo cos?:)

moze z głowy:D

moze z ksiązki - jak myślisz?? Ja stawiam na ksiązke:D :D
Oboje nie zgadliscie. :P To przykaldowe tematy od mojej nauczycielki od angielskiego. Nie wiem, skad ona je wziela :)

Wkleje je dzisiaj, ale pozniej, bo poki co nastroj swiateczny sie w domu udziela i ide robic placki :P
Oł Maj Gad!!! Ty umiesz PLACKI ROBIĆ???!!!!!

Jestem w szoku. Będę mieć traumę do końca dnia. Chłopak, który piecze placki:>
1. What kind of art impress you most? Why?
2. Why do you think people take part in artistic activities? How do you think the arts can influence people's life?
3. Would you like to become an artist? Why/Why not?
4. What is the role of the modern mass media in modern society? What are the dangers connected with the modern mass media?
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of television?
6. What influences people's choice of programmes to watch on TV?
7. Why are reality shows so popular today? What do you think about people taking part in reality shows.
8. Do you prefer reading books to watching films? Is reading popular with people nowadays? Why/why not?
9. Do you think conventional books will ever be replaced by electronic books?
10. Film adaptations of famous literary works are usually a poor version of the original, so there is no point in making them. Discuss.
11. Do you like going to art galleries and museums? Why/why not?
12. Why is cinema generally much more popular than the theatre?
13. Modern art is only understood by the artist and a few critics. Discuss.
14. What role does music play in our lives?
15. Music is a profitable industry. Why?
16. What do you think of grafitti?
17. What should be done to encourage people to take more interest in art, literature, theatre?
ooo narrow-minded;))))) dzięki:) to już wszystkie bloki tematyczne, które masz?
1. Why should people do to be physically fit? Why is it important to keep fit?
2. What should be done to encourage people to engage more in sports? Which sports would you recommend? Why?
3. Professional sport has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. Discuss.
4. Why are extreme sports becoming more and more popular nowadays?
5. What precautiouns should be taken by people who engage in dangerous or extreme sports?
6. Should extreme sports be banned as they put people's life at risk?
7. Do you think contemporary sports has become too commercial?
8. What are the reasons why so many sportsmen/sportswomen are involved with doping? What measures should be taken to fight against doping?
9. Would you like to become a professional sportsman? Why/why not?
10. Men are more interested in sport than women. Discuss.

1. What does a healthy lifestyle mean to you? What can people do to be healthy and fit?
2. What is the role of the mass media and school in promoting a healthy lifestyle?
3. Why do people start smoking/taking drugs/drinking alcohol? What can be the results of these addictions?
4. Why do you think it is difficult to find effective methods of prevention as far as young people are concerned?
5. Should smoking be banned in all public places?
6. Do you think that Internet addiction is a big problem these days? How can people addicted to the Internet be helped?
7. How can addictions affect people's life?
8. What inconveniences are the disabled faced with? How can the government and an individual eliminate the barriers encountered by the disabled?
9. Nowadays people live longer than they did in the past. Discuss the advantages of living longer.
10. What are the reasons for the popularity of alternative medicine? Do you think alternative treatments will ever take the place of conventional medicine? Why/ why not?
11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the public and private healthcare system?
12. What is the attitude of Polish people towards the national health service?
13. Medical should be free in all countries. Discuss.

1. Necessity is the mother of invention. Explain the meaing of this saying.
2. How have computers and the Internet changed our lives? What do you use a computer for?
3. Which area do you think has benefited most from the introduction of computers?
4. Technological development is both a blessing and a curse. Discuss.
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using e-mail?
6. Do you think young children should be allowed to use the Internet without adult guidance? Why/Why not? How should they be protected?
7. Have mobile phones and the Internet introduced any changes in the way of communication between people? Are these changes positive or negative?
8. Which 20th-century inventions do you consider most important and why?
9. How can modern technology influence our lifestyle?

Bleah, to be continued... :P
wiem ze sa swieta, ale moze by tak.... jakis ciag dalszy??;]
narrow-minded>> maturzyści na ciebie licza....;))
now sample answers please :-D j/k
Bednar, after I'd been preparing sample anwers for so long I realized that you'd written "j/k"... it wasn't funny at all!

Another topics for you:

1. Research shows that married people are healthier and live longer. Why do you think this is the case?
2. A large family with a lot of children is happier and healthier than an only child. Do you agree?
3. In what ways have the roles of men and women in the family changed in recent years?
4. What are the most common conflicts between brothers and sisters?
5. Is generation gap inevitable? Why/Why not? What should be done to remedy this situation?
6. Why do so many couples get divorced nowadays? What are the bad sides of divorce?
7. How important is friendship in our lives? What should be done to keep up friendship?
8. What qualities should a good friend possess? Can people who differ a lot become friends?
9. Is having a happy family and personal life more important than a successful career? Can a successful woman have a happy family life?
10. A hobby can make you a bore or an interesting person. Discuss.
11. What do our preferences for some hobbies depend on? Which do you prefer: physically challenging or mentally creative leisure activities?
12. How do you celebrate your birthday/Christmas/Easter/Valentine's Day/New Year's Eve?
13. What is your favourite festival in Poland?

1. What, in your opinion, is a healthy diet? Is your diet healthy?
2. What is the attitude of young people towards healthy diets?
3. What are the most common eating habits in Poland? Do we eat in a healthy way?
4. Do you agree with the statement that we are what we eat?
5. What are the usual causes of obesity? What should an obese person do to lose weight in a healthy way?
6. Why do so many people, especially women, go on a diet these days? What problems do obese people have to struggle with?
7. What are the symptoms of anorexia and bulimia? How can eating disorders affect people's life?
8. Why do people become vegetarians? Do you think it is a healthy diet? Why/Why not?
9. Why do people eat so much junk food nowadays? Why is junk food unhealthy?
10. Eating can be a therapy for unhappy and stressed people. Discuss.
11. Why do some people prefer eating out to eating at home? What is your preference?
12. What is the role of school in promoting healthy eating habits?
13. What are the advantages and disadvantages of introducing genetically modified food into our everyday menu?
14. What consequences do you think genetically modified food may have for human health and the environment?

1. A supermarket or a corner shop. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and which do you prefer?
2. More and more shops are open on Sundays. What is your attitude towards this phenomenom and why?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying in virtual shops/by mail order? Do you think that in the future traditional shops will be replaced by online stores?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a credit card?
5. Has shopaholism become a problem in Poland? What are the causes of this addiction?
6. In what ways does advertising benefit and harm the consumer?
7. Do you think that it is important to be insured? In what sense?
8. Advertising aimed at children should be forbidden. Discuss.
9. Consumer society (where people buy more and more things) is heading for its own destruction. How do you understand this sentence?
10. You should never borrow or lend money. Discuss.

1. What do you think of the public transport system in your country? How could it be improved?
2. What advice would you give to a foreigner about using the public transport in your country?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by car/plane/ship/train/bicycle/bus?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hitchhiking?
5. Wy are there so many road accidents these days? How can drivers and pedestrians contribute to road safety?
6. Travelling broadens the mind. Discuss.
7. How has travelling changed over the years? Do you think travelling is safe or dangerous nowadays?
8. Do you agree that the world is still becoming smaller and smaller? Why/Why not?
9. How can people avoid problems when they travel? What should you do before setting out on your journey?
10. If you had a visitor from abroad, which places in Poland and in your home area would you like to show him/her? Why?
11. Do you think that going on a package tour is the best way of visiting foreign countries? Why?
12. What makes a perfect holiday?
13. If you had enough money to travel wherever you wanted, where would you go? Why?
14. Genetic experiments should be banned for ethical reasons. Discuss.
15. Are there any disadvantages or risk related to some means of communication?
16. How different would every life be without modern appliances (television, phone, fridge, computer, dish washer, cooker etc.)?
17. People from communities that live without all the benefits of modern civilisation are much happier than we are. Discuss.

Jeszcze trzy topici, ale teraz się narrow-mindedowi należy przerwa. :P
poczekamy na topici:))))) pzdr for all
topici?? fajnie to brzmi...:P

a w ogole to z jakiej ksiazki uczycie sie w maturalnej klasie??:)
ej bo watek nam sie gubi;] ponawiam prosbe o jego zaktualizowanie przy odrobinie czasu szanowny panie narrow-minded... ;] ;)
prawdopodobnie uczymy się z Formatu Macmillana. Nie wiem jak ma się sprawa teraz, bo tą moją książkę gdzieś posiałam. A pani mi daje tematy na ustna do przygotowania i tematy wypracowań i obchoze się jakoś bez ksiażki.

A w domu to sobie powtarzam na razie Upstream Advanced. (juz go robiłam w zeszłym roku, ale słówka powtórzyć nei zaszkodzi;) I rąbie testami CAE ;))))

Co do polskiego - na rozszerzonym lektury nie są tak ważne. wszystko mozna odczytać z tekstu. Ważne są wstępy do epok, założenia epok, konstrukcja tekstu. Sama sie o tym przekonałam, bo najpierw mi szło słabo z tym kluczem a teraz całkiem dobrze - ponizej 70% nie schodzę.
Iwiona, tylko w sklepach mi mowia na "pan", bo chca mi towar sprzedac lub, ewentualnie, w ramach podziekowania za juz kupiony i zachety do kolejnych zakupow. :D Wiec prosze mi tutaj bez takich :P Bo nie bedzie topicow! I sylwester nie bedzie juz tak udany.

1. What are the major environmental problems in the world? Who do you think is responsible for the degradation of the environment?
2. What should international organisations and local authorities do to protect the environment? Are you green?
3. Why is recycling important today? How can we all help with recycling?
4. Natural disasters are a form of punishment for the horrible things people do to nature. Discuss.
5. What are the arguments for and against scientific experiments on animal?
6. What are the major threats to endangered species? What should be done to save endangered species?
7. What feelings do people often experience when a natural disaster occurs? In what way can local and foreign governments as well as individuals help those affected by natural disasters?
8. What is the greenhouse effect? What may be the ultimate effects of global warming?
9. What do you think causes the global changes in the climate? What should people do to slow down the rate of change in the climate?
10. What do people hope to achieve by exploring other planets? Do you think that the enormous expense of space exploration is justified? Why/Why not?
11. Do you think there is intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy? Why?

1. Do you think that Poland has benefited from membership in the European Union? Why/Why not?
2. Is it a good idea to support beggars in the street? How can we help the poor?
3. What makes young people commit crimes? How should young criminals be punished?
4. How can people protect themselves from mugging / car theft / burglaries / pickpocketing?
5. What should be done to solve the problem of increasing violence and crime?
6. Why do football fans fight? What could be done to prevent football hooliganism in Poland?
7. How would you define terrorism? Why is it so difficult to fight against terrorism?
8. What do you think are the reasons of homelessness? What can be done to help the homeless?
9. What role do older people play in society? What might be the consequences of an increasing number of old people in society?
10. What are the problems and joys of old age? How are old people treated in Polish society?
11. What are the problems that an immigrant worker faces in the new country? How does immigration affect family life?
12. The family is getting weaker and family ties will gradually disappear. Discuss.
13. Can very severe punishment deter people from committing crimes? Justify your opinion.

1. Why do so many people all over the world learn English?
2. Which festival celebrated in one of the English speaking countries do you find the most interesting? Why?
3. How are traditional holidays (Christmas / Easter / St Valentine's Day / Thanksgiving day) celebrated in Britain or America?
4. How would you describe a typical person from America/Great Britain?
5. If you could choose to live in one of the English speaking countries, where would you decide to live and why?
6. Is the American/British educational system different from the Polish one? Discuss the similarities and differences.
7. Discuss the political system in the United States/Great Britain.
8. People still believe in the idea of the American dream. Is the USA still a promised land?
9. Do you agree with the statement that American culture is dominating the world? Give your reasons.

Nalezy mi sie od kazdego po duzym piwie :P
oto piwo ode mnie: może być heineken??????
no wiem chcialam napisac... no wlasnie... yyy... szanowny narrow-mindedzie...?? yyy.... nie wiedzialam jak to odmienic i dlatego tak strzelilam ... ;P

dzieki serdeczne za TOPICI;) (nadal mnie smieszy na nazwa)

according to the PIWO - jesli kiedys bedziesz studiowal w lublinie, tak jakbys chcial, to masz szanse...:P
poki co, moje kolezanki pewnie niedlugo beda cie uwielbiac bo zdazylam takowym pochwalic sie moimi zasobami tematow;)
Narrow-minded ma na imie Krzysiek. :P
Eh, to sie musze uczyc do matury, zeby mnie przyjeli w Lublinie :D Takie piwo na powitanie roku akademickiego... jak to ladnie brzmi
nioooooooooooooooo trza.... ja też chcę do Lublina:))
hej:) to znowu ja:) po dluzszej nieobecnosci:))
mam pytanie niedawno byly dni otwarte UMCs, i w tym spotkanie dla kandydatów na LS, byl moze ktos???;>
pytam uprzejmie:)))
Teee, my sobie dla "Lublinowych LSowcow" zalozymy topica oddzielnego :D
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