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Fajna zabawa w wolnej chwili:
Nie podoba się wam czy żadnego hasła nie umiecie rozwiązać? *goad*

Dziś jest łatwe:
easy? xD ;D
Podpowiadam: the
Podoba się :)

Podpowiedź na dzisiaj: all
All charming people have something to conceal, usually their total dependence on the appreciation of others ???
2;00 :(
Don't worry; no one is keeping a score. Anyway, six feet under, worms will not discriminate. We will be eaten equally.
I like it!!!
Unfortunately, I have an obsessive personality.
Here's to another "lost" afternoon.

eva: nice work on the translation earlier.
Being a mom changes your heart forever. :)
Wise words , dear CHEF :)
Thanks Siunia! And you're right :)

BTW, how's "dżdżownica" coming along?
Here's another word for you: dżdżyć.
ah, you are an evil group.
Yes, when the time comes, I will be toppled from this pedestal of mine. :)

I'm sure the "przecietny polak" doesn't get the opportunity to hear his native tongue mangled very often. My recorded speech will provide lots of amusement, that I promise.

I am at the planning stages of my text selection.
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