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hallo Katha!
I write to yuo from my new home in Australia. Nearby from my home i saw a lot of animals. Lately beside our home were s dangerous snake - it was poisonous!
I wan to tell you something about my school too, because it's a bit different.
We begins at 8.30 Am and we have lessons till 4 Pm. I have to drive there with a care, and it's about 30 min. and sometimes we have to drive on a dirt road.
I met some new friends. They are all sport-mad and it's catching!
I want to learn surfing. You now, my instructor ist very georgeus. We often go to the beach - suntan is popular there. But you know my mum - she is worry about me that I could catch a skin cancer, so we always use sunscreen.
You know what? I foun yesterday a shell on the beach that is pretty and unique!
Before I found it, I saw the dolphins and i think it is the best thing in Australia.
But sometimes I lay under a tree in a shade and I think about the old days. About you, my old school and genarelly about my old life, and then I feel very lonley here...

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I write; yuo; i saw ?
were s dangerous snake
I wan
We begins
with a care,
instructor ist very georgeus
she is worry
I want to learn surfing.
I foun
I saw the dolphins - bez THE
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edytowany przez Aaric: 06 lis 2014
I won't be correcting it . You badly need to re-write all of this once again , I'm just being honest;)