Poproszę o spr. -nie mam niestety 'keya' aby zweryfikować ,czy ok.

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Phrasal verbs.
1. I can’t ……what you’re saying – can you speak up please? ( make out )
a. Make up b. make out
2. I’ve …….with all the friends I made at school and we still meet regularly.( kept on)
a. Kept on b. kept up
3. Shelly and Emma used to be good friends until they ……on the subject of boyfriends. (fell out
a. Fell out b. fell down
4. They had a terrible quarrel but they soon …… ( made up)
a. Made up b. made out
5. It took him a long time to …….his broken romance.(get over)
a. Get over b. get through
6. I’m going to …….the family business when my dad retires. ( take over)
a. Take up b. take over
7. Do you realize how much you …….your mother ?( take after)
a . take after b. take off
8. I arranged to meet Tom on the beach but he didn’t ……(turn up)
a. Turn in b. turn up
9. After five years of marriage ,they’ve decided to ……..(break up)
a. Break out . b. break up
10. Promise me you’ll never ……..the subject again.(bring in)
a. Bring in b. bring up
11. I don’t know whether you’re eligible for a scholarship but I’ll …..it.(look into)
a. Look up b. look into
12. You shouldn’t ………on people just because they’re not as intelligent as you. (look down)
a. Look down b. look over
13. I’m sure ……..to meeting your people in New York.(looking forward)
a. Looking forward b. looking round
14. I don’t like my professor . I always greet him but he just …….me.(looks through)
a. Looks down b. looks through

Common expressions and collocations ,choose the correct answer .
1.The two scientists will never agree – they are poles apart ( poles, beams )
2.The distinction between machines and humans could become blurred in the future ( misted, blurred )
3.Nobody could shed any light on the matter ( pour, shed )
4.A number of government secrets have been leaked to the press in recent days ( leaked, dripped )
5. Her husband never lifts a finger to help with the housework ( hand, finger )
6.They built a robot out of spare parts ( spare, extra )
7.Tourists must adhere by these rules If they plan to visit the Arctic. ( abide, adhere ).
8.We paid over the moon for these souvenirs but the money went for a good case .( odds, moon )
9. The vast majority of tourists never consider the impact they’re having on the environment. ( huge ,vast )
10.That company hasn’t got a good track record when it come to environmental matters ( field , track ).
11.The holiday we got was a far cry from what we’d been promised ( cry, shout ).
12.I’m afraid you’ve completely missed the point ( lost, missed).
13. He was highly amused by the story the tour guide related to him ( highly , largely )
14. Tourists must adhere by these rules if they plan to visit the Arctic. ( adhere, abide )
15. The area was more densely populated than they had expected. ( thickly , densely )
16. The tourists treated the indigenous people with low respect . ( scant , low )
17. There is something I have to tell you – I must get it off my mind . (mind, chest )
18. Climbing the mountain was no mean deed . ( feat, deed )

Rewrite sentence ,replacing the verb with a phrasal verb.
1.The school’s rituals and tradition have originated from its long history ( root )
The school’s rituals and tradition have rooted in its long history.
2.My father attributes the problem to a decline in moral values (put )
My father put the problem to a decline in moral values.
3. How do you think the changes will affect your business ? ( impact )
How do you think the changes will impact on your business?
4. The economic recession inevitably led to increased unemployment .( result )
The economic recession inevitably resulted in increased unemployment.
5. How would you explain the recent increase in violent crime ? (account )
How would you account for the recent increase in violent crime?
6. Ken’s criticism of Anna may have a bad effect on him now that she’s his boss. (rebound)
Ken’s criticism of Anna may have rebounded on him now that she’s his boss.
7. I do not feel that the writer’s analysis of the problem makes sense.( add)
I do not feel that the writer’s analysis of the problem adds up.
8. Some unforeseen problems have resulted from the change in legislation. (come )
Some unforeseen problems have come out of the change in legislation

Similar words . Fill the gaps with the correct word.
1. Make /draw
a. I know you think director is being unreasonable but he’s got to draw the line somewhere.
b. She always likes to make an appearance by arriving late.
2. Put/pull
a. The work won’t seem so hard if you really put your back into it.
b. Everyone in the cast will have to pull their weight if we’re going to succeed in this venture.
3. Senses/ head
a. If Gary has really turned down a part in that movie, he must be out of his head.
b. Any actor who agrees to work with a child or an animal must be off his senses.
4. Error/flaw
a. This sweater has a flaw in it – I’m going to take it back to the shop.
b. His decision to accept the job was definitely an error of judgment.
5. Snatch/spot
a. I overheard a snatch of conversation on the set that really made me smile.
b. Nick is in a spot of bother with the producer because he’s going to miss one whole day of filming.
6. Heat/ glow
a. Everyone on the set started clapping and she felt a warm glow of pleasure.
b. I regret what I did now but I acted in the heat of the moment.

1. I’m sure you’ll be back on your feet in next to no …….(time)
( period, term ,time, moment )
2. Who’s going to …….the bill for the wedding?(hand)
( hand, head, toe , foot )
3. You need to take …….with what you just said ,because I think it’s completely wrong.(difference)
( heart, part, issue, difference )
4. He’s always been able to …….. his head in a crisis.(keep)
( keep, hold, straighten , lift )
5. We all …….at the chance to go to the concert.(skipped)
( skipped, leapt, swam, ran )
6. The old lady lost her ……..on the banister and fell down the stairs.(hand)
( hand, legs , touch , grip )
7. It’s getting late so I’d better …….a move.(get)
( do , get , have, make )
8. The satellite ………through space , gathering ever more speed as it went.( drove)
( hurtled, wheeled, struck ,drove )
9. The eagle …….onto its prey from the crags above.(splashed)
(swooped, swooned, snapped, splashed )
10. The politician came …….for heavy criticism. (in)
( to , up, in, round )
11. The bridegroom wasn’t worried when the bride was late. He just sat there looking cool, calm and ……….
(contained, sedated, collected, collated )
12. My passport …….next week.( expires)
( finishes , deceases , terminates, expires )
13. Details of the President’s speech were ……..to reporters.(dropped)
( dripped, leaked, dropped, leached )
14. Clive was ……..for a rash ,but it turned out to be chicken pox .(treated)
( cured ,healed ,suspected ,treated )
15. I have no idea why he acted so strangely – he must have lost his ……….( markers )
( brains, marbles, markers, bats )
16. The managing team is to test…….the new product. (out)
( up, through, on ,out )
Vocabulary, większość źle. Czy dobrze przepisałeś 1 zdanie (końcówką)?
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A które konkretnie są złe ?? chodzi o 'markers'?
' in next to no time' -uwazam ze dobrze ( przecież nie' to next to no period) ,lol
'hand the bill' - myslalem ze ok
' 'take part '? .- bo tez może pasować
'cool ,calm and collected"- napewno ok
'the satellite hurtled"?- bo przecież nie 'struck ' ,a może 'wheeled' -że krążył?
'expires'- mysle ze ok
'were dropped to...' myslalem ze ok , bo 'leaked ' to bardziej 'to press"
'lost his markers' - myslalem ze jest ok .
'test out' - podobnie jak powyżej.
' came in for' - tez jak powyżej.
Ja widzę,
1, 12, 14, 16 ok
11 brak odpowiedzi. to co później napisałeś (collected) jest ok.
edytowany przez Aaric: 22 mar 2016
Similar words, widzę jedną odpowiedź źle.
phrasal verbs, też jedno źle.
Common expressions
Siedem źle, właściwie 6 bo dwa zdania się powtarzają.
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