My favourite advertisment - sprawdzenie krótkiego opisu

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Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie mojej krótkiej pracy.

My favourite advertisement is Heart and Mind. It was produced by the company Orange which is one of the largest networks of mobile telephony, television and internet in Poland.
Heart and Mind are animated characters. The entire TV commercial looks like a cartoon. "Excuse", is one of the best ads of this company. And it looks like this ... The Heart and Mind are rushing on the way to a strange vehicle - on the poor mouse and unfortunately, stop s their a policeman, who wants to give them a heavy fine. Heart and Mind are trying to explain that a woman is born, the House is on fire… However, when it's not helping, the heart cries: “understand that human beings in need..” So it looks like real life.
This television advertising will never make me bored, I love to watch it, because I laugh every time I see this. The whole ad is funny. It has the appropriate music and colors. In my opinion this advertisement is extremely effective because it shows funny and interesting story.

Z góry dzięki!
Orange nie wymaga defining clause
nie rozumiem fragmentu z myszą
zatrzym uje ich policjanta - co to ma znaczyc, gdzie tu jest podmiot?
że rodzi się kobieta?
advertising to działalność
story jest policzalne