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I hope you are doing well.
Could you do me a favor and fill in the document in attachement.(Declaration of Competence)
Thank you in advance
Mam nadzieję, że u ciebie wszystko w porządku.
Mam do ciebie prośbę, czy możesz wypełnić i przesłać mi dokument w załączniku (Declaration of Competence)

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Could you do me a favor and fill in the 'document in attachement.' (nie, tutaj 'attached documents)
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Hi, how you doing.
Please, Could you fill in the Declaration of Competence. I have attached it to this email.

rocket science ...
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...fill in and return attached document.
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Nie potrzeba the?
To jest email a nie zadanie do szkoły ;-)
it don't matter ... don't question them... they will destroy you's called pseudoscience
edytowany przez big.f00t: 10 lut 2017
Nie chciałbyś widzieć moich e-maili :)
Nie spamuj i nie trolluj, big.f00t.
I nie psuj atmosfery.
trust me ... nothing stopping me.
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and you lie!
edytowany przez big.f00t: 10 lut 2017
when you are in a hole.........
when you are in a hole.........
what hole ?
Since you didn't want to get on are debunked,,,fraud,,,and fake....and lame....
Since when 'I' as a woman have to do anything that a mere man tells me to do.
Mere man is kinda insulting to all men. If you were well spoken it wouldn't be a problem trust me. You spent hours on this forum today, you're lying that you have no time. Fishy. Seriously ...grow up ... very insecure and childish ... you just spinning your wheels - not going anywhere. It's very easy to debunk people on forums who claim they actually speak english ... well you don't :D Why would you hide it ? You should be kinda Proud of It ... you know ...but obviously you must very scared :D ... joke
Something bugged me about this nonsense : mere man -_-. I typed it in Google. I was like what the heck ! Mere man phrase is used in THE BIBLE! omg ...omg...omg... This woman just copy and paste stuff from literature! why ???? It's retarded ...nobody speaks in BIBLICAL LANGUAGE!

It Should be mereELY a man .... Obviously there is nothin linguistically wrong with mere man except nobody uses it in modern english!!!!!!!!!

Apparently doesn't make sens... in other words: I am not gonna do it cos you are just a human. There's news for you ... you are just a human too.

It would be hilarious to listen to this woman speaking english. Hilarious...
edytowany przez big.f00t: 11 lut 2017
Also... she says: Me as a Woman. I think she is a neo-feminist. Which is 3 rd wave of feminism. So called Millenial women . If i could i would use F word and C word ... heheheheh
I do not intend having any more discussion with someone who cannot present a viable argument, and the only way they can exercise their intelligence or the lack of it, is to personally attack someone without knowing anything about them.
You have convinced everyone on this forum how intelligent you are, and let's leave it at that.
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