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1. ___ smoke in here?
a. Can I X
b. Do I have to
c. should I

2. I’m sorry, Sir, but you ___ go through this door. It’s private.
a. don’t have to
b.haven’t to
c.mustn’t X

3. ’I’ve got a terrible headache.’ ’I think you ___ go to bed.’
a. Will
b. should X
c. would

4. You ___ wear a suit at work if you don’t want to.
a. shouldn’t X
c.don’t have to

5. You ___ to speak English for this job, but it’s very useful when you’re travelling.
a. can’t
b.don’t have to X

6. You ___ smoke if you want to be healthy.
a. shouldn’t X
b.don’t have to
c.may not

7. Passengers ___ go through security before they get on the plane.
a. can
c must X

8. People say I look ___ my mother.
a. same
b.like X

9. German is very different ___ Italian.
a. from X

10. Vanessa is taller ___ Paola.
a. than X

11. Our house is very similar ___ yours.
a. than
b.to X

12. My hair is the same ___ my sister’s.
a. like X
b. for
c. as

13. Our son wears the same clothes ___ everybody else in the school.
a. as X
b. is
c. to

14. The average American ___ more than three hours television a day.
a. watch
b. watching
c. watches X

15. Josh normally ___ tennis for about four hours a day.
a. is practising
b. practises X
c. practise

16. I’m sorry, I can’t send you an e-mail now because my brother ___ the computer.
a. uses
b. used
c. is using X

17. Sandra is upstairs in the bathroom now. She ___ a shower.
a. having
b. is having X
c. has

18. Paul and I are good dancers but we ___ to discos very often.
a. not go
b. don’t going
c. don’t go X

19. The children ___ TV at the moment. They are asleep.
a. don’t watch
b. isn’t watching
c. aren’t watching X

20. It’s John’s birthday tomorrow, so I ___ a cake.
a. ’m making X
Przy moich odpowiedziach są X
4, 12 zle
reszta ok
4 - don’t have to
12 - as
Teraz dobrze ?
masa odpowiedzi - osadzonych w roznych kontestach - dopuszcza uzycie wielorakich form
idac tropem najbardziej prawdopodobnych odpowiedzi, masz tak:
12 wrong, az dziw, ze 13 masz ok
tak, teraz dobrze
dziękuję za pomoc
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