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I. Write the participle form (3rd form) of the regular verbs. Note the exceptions in spelling when adding ‚ed‘.

use - used
try - tried
carry - carried
dance - danced
cycle - cycled
travel - traveled

II. Choose the right answer.

1. When ________A________ the company?
a) have you joined
b) did you joined
c) did you join
d) have you ever joined

2. _______B____________ in Pakistan?
a) Did you ever worked
b) Have you ever worked
c) Worked you
d) Didn't you have worked

3. That's the best presentation ______D________
a) I never heard
b) I didn't hear
c) I used to hear
d) I've ever heard

4. He's the most difficult customer ___________D__________
a) I never dealt with.
b) I never had to deal with.
c) I've ever had to deal with.
d) I've never had to deal with.

5. _________A__________ to him last week.
a) I spoke
b) I've already spoken
c) I didn't spoke
d) I speaked

6. _________B_____ a binding contract last year and it is still valid.
a) We have signed
b) We signed
c) We haven't signed
d) We have sign

7. The reason I look so brown is that _________D______ from a business trip to Barbados
a) I come back
b) I came back
c) I never came back
d) I've just come back

8. Sales ___A_____ in 1995 but then ___fell __ in 1996.
a) rised falled
b) rose fell
c) have risen have fallen
d) rose have fallen

9. You _____D_______ to a word _______A_____
a) listened I haven't said
b) didn't listen I say
c) listened saying
d) haven't listened I've said

10. It's obvious that _______A_________ this report.
a) you haven't read
b) you didn't read
c) you don't read
d) you read not
Pomyśl jeszcze nad 1, 4, 8 i 9.


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