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proszę o sprawdzenie mi pracy, jest to list oficjalny na temat opini przeczytanego w gazecie internetowej na temat klamstwa. prosze o poprawienie bledow.
Dear Sir
I welcome. Is this letter , I would like to inform redaction, about one's own sentence on theme of false information given in the Internet. People are writing false, because they want is this manner be better seen by other people, but is bad.
I agree with the fact, that people really lie in the Internet, because oneself met oneself with such situation.
Also I agree with the fact, that wanting somebody to recognize or with some person to come together should spell real given.
On the other hand I disagree with the fact, that should spell all about oneself , because can this ofter that to bring to unpleasant situation.
As the Internet user, I am not satisfied, to read informations which not it is know whether are real whether not.
better not write nothing that to write lies.
I hope, that people will start unterstand it and they will writing truth.

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