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„The Lily of the Valley” put in 1836 is a book by French novelist Honoré de Balzac. An original title of the book is „Le lys dans la vallée”. It belong to famous writing “The Human Comedy” and it is a part of series “Scenes from village life”.
“The Lily of the Valley” is a Felix de Vandenesse’s recollection, who reminisces his pen-friend Natalie de Manerville. It’s a story about love Felix, a young man from wealthy aristocratic family and contess Hanrietta de Mortsauf. She is married to elderly, afflicted with illness count and she has two children: Madeline and Jacky. Her son is badly sick so she takes very care of him even though he is 12 years old. A romance between them is just a unsubstantial love, because contess de Mortsauf can’t abandon her husband and children. She attempts to look upon Felix as her own child, because she worries to become excessively infatuated with him. It’s a story about love, which can’t be consummated but nevertheless it is beautiful and marvelous. Finally Felix leaves valley of Loara and goes to Paris.
In my opinion “The Lily of the Valley” is one of the best Balzac’s books. It’s a psychological trait of platonic relationship, woman-mother's psyche and youthful dream of a better life. The story decribes young men’s lot, who desires break loose from the provinces and when he achieves it, he realizes it isn’t same to his dream. Balzac presents this story against a background of a transformation of society when in France Napoleon fell down. He perfectly characterizes Restoration class society. Furthermore there are lots of detailed description of excellent Loara’s landscape. Writer realistically shows village view that makes an impression we smell flowers and hear brook rush.
In conclusion, I think “The Lily of the Valley” is a wonderful novel about love, history and human psyche. For hotheads of French history it is a report about the French and their mentality in XVIII century.
The Lily of the Valley" put??? in 1836 is a book by French novelist Honoré de Balzac. THE original title of the book is "Le lys dans la vallée". It belongS to THE famous COLLECTION OF STORIES “The Human Comedy" and it is a part of THE series “Scenes From Village Life".
“The Lily of the Valley" is THE recollection(s) of Felix de Vandenesse
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