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The aim of this report is to present suggestion to attract more teenagers aged up fourteen for cinema. I think, this report will present an excellent proposals, which will help to attract teenagers to the cinema.
First of all,In attracting all the clients it is very important a publicity,they pay attention to advertising.Children see publicity with the favorite characters and they want to watch them on the big screen in the cinema.
Secondly, must adjust the repertoire for centuries. Teenagers must also have the right to choose. more often should be emitted comedies, cartoons and science films. Futhermore, cinema can offer family tickets and what more can offer discounts for individual showing.
In addition, cinema can arrange days only for teenagers. In this one day only children can come and enjoy the movie.For Children will be prepared for special movies, games and fun.On such a day, children and teenagers to feel valued.
To sum up, I think all the points included in the report are valid. This points, shows, how you can spice up cinema , so that teenagers liked.We need these places specifically for children. This cinemas will help adolescents develop and will help all a break from school and responsibilities.


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Pomoc językowa - Sprawdzenie