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1. Nie znasz mnie misiu,nie byłam taka głupia, nie spotykałam się z dresiarzami i łysymi karkami.
odp. Little do you know me, my dear, I wasn't so stupid, I wasn't meeting with (dresiarze) and bare necks.
2.Pod żadnym pozorem nie dawajcie babci renty bo wyda ją w kasynie albo wysle jakiemuś księdzu.
odp. Under no circumstances do you give your grandma a pension because she will give it away in casino or send to priest.
>1. Nie znasz mnie misiu,nie byłam taka głupia, nie spotykałam się z
>dresiarzami i łysymi karkami.
>odp. Little do you know me, my dear, I wasn't so stupid, I wasn't
>2.Pod żadnym pozorem nie dawajcie babci renty bo wyda ją w kasynie
>albo wysle jakiemuś księdzu.
>odp. Under no circumstances CAN/SHOULD you give your grandma HER pension (NIE JAKAS RENTE) because
>she will SPEND IT ALL in A casino or send to A priest.
bare necks nie będzie chyba zrozumiałe
raczej chodzi o "abs"
mg: "bare necks" just doesn't conjure up any threatening images for me. It may distress some moher-type who worries about "przeziebic sie"

I confess that I have never met a dresiarz in person, but I suspect I know the type.

would "shaved heads" work? "skin heads"?
skin heads is sth different

łysy refers to bald head (shaved one, true)

but 'kark' simply means that a guy goes to the gym, pumps some iron and that's why his back muscles od the shoulders are so visible or sth like that

Siunia, you know that 'abs' refers to abdominal parts of the body, so in this way we can assume that, a guy who works out at the gym all the time trains all his muscles to have a great 6-pack or 8-pack (karki in Polish are called also "absy", which makes it a perfect translation).

Actually, there's no good enough explanation to cover that subject, but
I thought it would be appropriate to inform you about it.
thanks merix for the explanation

perhaps it's just a phrase that can't be translated directly

"bare neck" just doesn't seem to do your description justice.
What about hoods/goons and cueball/chrome-dome muscke shtarkers/schtarkers ? :))
Do they conjure up any shivery for you ,dear ?:)
I hope they don't live in Greece :)) I personally prefer dealing with dickless tracies (policjantka w spódnicy , w słangu przestepczym powiecmy :)))
You're asking what gives me the shivers Sav?
It's a little early in the day for that, don't you think?

I wax poetic in an email and all I get is "cueball/chrome-dome muscle..."
Since I coulnd't think of any better phrase on the spot, I decided to leave it as it was, knowing that the likes of Sav* would gladly come up with more apt phrases - and writing in my first post what I have just written above seemed unnecessary. Merix described karki quite well. Liek dresiarze, they're also associated with violence and crime.
Of note, 'absy' is pronounced a-be-es-y, just like the abbreviation ABS (automated braking system, right?) and an abbreviation it is, for 'absolutny brak szyi' :-)

* No, that doesn't sound right. Sav is the only one of his kind. Respect!
Though I'm not reckoned to be THAT quick on the uptake but I think I dug it.:)
This is what we, men, call "our morning pride/glory".:)
But what if I got it wrong ? I'm going to burn with shame.haha
Sav should teach at Applied Linguistics, only practical subjects :)
Sav should translate Masłowska into English. I can see a certain affinity of style, if I remember correctly Masłowska's book.
Never place an adverb like 'correctly' between a verb and its object
Never place an adverb like 'correctly' between a verb and its object
Never place an adverb...
You remeber it correctly, but I once read the review she made by herself (quite a rave one) in which she mentioned the language used or taken out of the context while writing this book. What struck me as odd was that she sold so many copies of the book because of all that razzmataz and media hype. I have a sneaky feeling that most of the people, I mean elder ones, might not really understand the underlying message of this book, yet they were eager enough to bought it, which begs the question. She made quite a mint on our lack of knowledge.
I'm not following your logic moj drogi...
please do elaborate
and bought it :)

Coming from you it's a compliment, Sir :))
By the way, who is that gal ? I mean , Maslowska ??
Can you fix me up with her ... for a tennis game ? or chess ? :)
>all that razzmataz and media hype

I fell prey to it, I admit.
Adn then i did not read the whole book!
really or you just playing? :)
he means "morning stick/bat/ding dang/duck thing", I guess :)
(batting eyelashes)
I can't elaborate on that, It's still before the watershed. In Canada !:)
all that flutter is supposed to make me believe? :)
Sav, I knew it :D
A woman has to use the tools she's been given.
Oh yes :)))
>>>>>A woman has to use the tools she's been given.
Ok , swear God it wasn’t me who started this but Laura expressed it best I think :

“Unlike your girly privates, which are internal, boy privates are external. God knew that nobody wanted to see all our lady mess, so He pushed everything up inside you. What in tarnation He was thinking when he came up with that nasty, dangling, squishy flesh on boys beats the heck out of me, but I suspect it was so it would be easier for Him to keep an eye on what they're up to. Because trust me: that grotesque grab bag of horror and disappointment is always up to something, gals.”
>>>>She made quite a mint..
I didn’t even try to google her. My internet speed as slow as my right leg :)
( new idiom )
So the “mean-machine fox” must be well-heeled then. May be I’ll be able to hack out a couple of G-notes from her. Hope she’s not an ice-maiden-like academic back-breaker. :)
But as judging by your, rather lukewarm responses, guys, she must’ve produced some bush-league stuff ? The same as me then .:((
Please explain what the coquettish batting of eyelashes has to do with "internal plumbing".
Now I know. It took me some time. Polacks tangled asses with Ruskies , so they had a pissing contest in other words, but who slugged it out,I still don’t know :)
But the question is : Who rendered her book into English ?
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