Potrzebuje pomocy przy przetłumaczeniu kilku zdań

Temat przeniesiony do archwium.
Jest to kilka zdan ze sztuki teatralnej,

1. Mister, take me to Richard right now! I know you know where he is! Take me there! Take me to drugs now!

2. Please! Please! I'm in so much pain.

3. Fuck off! Idiot! Wanker! Fucking weak man! The world is full of spineless men who can't make decisions!

4. Can't find that freak Richard and I really need to get off my tits... Yeah, Yeah... I'm trying... Bigboss isn't around either... I don't know...

5. Hmm I'm going to make you see the face of God tonight.

Dzieki z gory!
- Does your father help your with your homework?
- No, he does it all by himself.