to take over something to/from

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"I have warned for some time that government was eyeing up pensions. There is about $19.4 trillion dollars in private pension funds. How will they justify taking over these funds to the people? "

Dlaczego nie użyto from w sensie przejmowania czegoś od kogoś?
how will they justify that to the people?
Psia krew, no tak :)
jasniej by bylo, gdyby dali 'to the people' po 'justify'
Jak nazywacie te łapy w górę i dół po prawej stronie? Dałem Wam po jednej. Cieszycie się?
nie zwracam uwagi :-), ale dziękuję.
a Ty zielonosiwy, cieszysz się? :)
skacze z radości
To dobrze, dam Wam jeszcze kiedyś taką łapę.

Syntax my dear malt operator, syntax. And it's still flipping linear, isn't it? :)
The principle of end-weight and end-focus coupled with an information climax and whatnot.
'Shorter' elements are dumped at the end like this light PP here. This goddamn thing seems to be everywhere in our life, in codes, in the way we speak and do things, even in a toilet when you do other things.
With the toilet functions that 'dump' looks a bit different though.
I mean the heavier still goes first, but it's not linear anymore but sort of gravitational, go figure.

For further reading if you're interested: search for 'discontinuous noun phrases', should be somewhere at the end of the book, you know which one, right. It's very interesting, even more than porn:))
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I love the book exceedingly. If I only had time to peruse it. Would you consider paying a visit to the bonnie land of "water of life" and tutor me? I shall provide you with something to quench your thirst. :)
Of course I would, why not? We could double shuffle some brewskis, malties and scottkies and whatever the flip it's there to entertain yourself with. I can already imagine that discussion about syntactic discontinuity between a head and its modifier:) Besides, my son has been fooling around in Sctoland for almost nine years and it doesn't seem like he's had enough of it. Maybe that would be a great chance for me to both move my fat ass around a bit and kick his. Yeah, maybe some day.

I'll be in Tuscon, Arizona at the end of July, then I'm going to be travelling up the West Coast to Seattle in Washington. Allready booked the flight. You know the whole story, my health issues and family matters and stuff. We talked about it on the private channel. We'll see what the future folds and I hope it won't be my plane crash. Unforunately, they don't provide commercial airlines passengers with HALO jump instructions:)
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Maybe that would be a great chance for me to both move my fat ass around a bit and kick his.

Since I have been attending Krav Maga classes, I can kick his aRse on your behalf. :) You can spend more time on drin.., sorry, tutoring me, instead.

Cytat: savagerhino
You know the whole story, my health issues and family matters and stuff.

You haven't given me your bank account details as of yet, I'm afraid. :) Seriously speaking, I really hope you'll sort the family and health issues out soon.
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Well. I am going to run for cover running to one of my hide-outs , right? I've practiced aikido but this is rather being art of self- defence . I see no point going hyper and showing off all around.
Well, Krav Maga is also a self-defence system or rather extremely offensive self-defense system, as it were. :)
I've already had heard of Krav -Maga only a little so I can't go for details when it comes to it . It was masterminded for special forces and for army is all I've known in this sort of thing . It surely contains some " the best and the most powerful"techniques taken from all the martial arts throughout the World. So that, something is taken from Judo ( Ju Jitsu) for example such like a throws as ' o soto gari, kata guruma , seoi nage' and something else from aikido : "kote -gaeshi, 'shiho- nage " and possibly yet from Karate ;) yes, this is going to be extremely offensive but aggressive simutaneously . Well,They can use " hit -to -kill " tactics to fight -off and completelydisarm an attacker at almost in no time. ;) That is why it gives an huge advantage to defender ;)
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