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>>> I would not be letting being fooled so easily....BUT
One day someone you love will not love you to get back the karma of when someone loved you and you did not love them back.
@ Janski...

"I am being in love" means something else. It is perhaps unexpected, perhaps changeable, suddenly or unexpectedly felt by our senses, perceptual, phenomenal, or CONTINGENT. It contrasts well with "I am in love," which is STRUCTURAL (or normal, or fundamental to our understanding of the world structure around us).
That's the difference that the switch from the stative "I am..." to "I am being...." brings about.

You might say, for example, "All of a sudden, look! I am being in a flower shop! How come? Just a second ago, it was a shoe store!"

This is rubbish. "I am being in love" is NEVER used in native English. Like...NEVER!

"I am being in a flower shop."

NEVER used!

Hope that helps!
@ Janski...

You posted:

I am trying to show you the trivial and basic misconceptions that a learner of a foreign language like you may struggle with, you moron, free of charge to you, but at the expense of time and patience on my side.

I suggest you meet this 'you', and call him or her 'a moron' to his or her face.

Let me know when you've set the time and place, please:


I'll supply the popcorn and sticking plasters, free of charge.

Be seeing you!
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