Mógłby ktoś sprawdzić gdzie porobiłem błedy

Temat przeniesiony do archwium
1. Let’s not go and see that film. I ____a____ it.
a) already saw b) have already seen c) see d) has already seen
2. If I ____a____ to Barcelona I will see my friends.
a) go b) will go c) goes d) went
3. This music was written ___d_____ Beethoven.
a) through b) of c) on d) by
4. He has just____a_____ .
a) left b) leave c) had left d) leaves
5. This photograph _____a___ by my mother.
a) was taken b) took c) taken d) takes
6. Let me ____d____ .
a) goes b) going c) to go d) go
7. Here – divide this bar of chocolate __c______yourselves.
a) by b) among c) with d) in
8. Is that all right ____a____ you to the cinema, Pam?
a) if I go with b) if do I go with c) if I go d) I if go
9. I’m looking ______b___ my wallet. Have you seen it?
a) up b) for c) after d) with
10. I’m very disappointed ____c____ him.
a) in b) of c) on d) with
11. Tim ___a_____ fishing every weekend, but he doesn’t any more.
a) goes b) has gone c) used to go d) went
12. He ____a____ here since 1992.
a) lives b) has been living c) lived d) live
13. Help me carry the bags, ____d____?
a) wouldn’t you b) won’t you c) don’t you d) will you
14. He is such a ___d_____ man that everybody respects him.
a) mean b) clever c) stubborn d) friendly
15. She is ___d_____ young to stay up late.
a) enough b) too c) - d) to
16. I have toothache. I ____c____ see my dentist soon.
a) mustn’t b) need c) must d) can
17. It’s ____c____most exciting book I have ever read.
a) - b) a c) the d) an
18. Who ____a____ next to you?
a) live b) do live c) lives d) does live
19. She made the ____a____ mistake of forgetting to put “s” in plural.
a) classic b) famous c) classical d)important
20. She ___d_____ Brad Pitt last year.
a) meet b) has met c) meets d) met
21. Kate is starting her new job tomorrow. She ___a_____ forward to it.
a) is looking b) looks c) look d) looked
22. Which horse shall we ____b____ in the 2.17 race?
a) back b) win c) place d) bet
23. How _____b___ money have you got on you?
a) much b) many c) any d) some
24. He had no idea what to do and asked me for ____c_____ .
a) reward b) notice c) advice d) attention
25. I _____b____ to you as soon as I get home.
a) write b) will write c) have write d) admitting
26. Jennifer went to bed without ____b____ goodnight to anyone.
a) saying b) telling c) mentioning d) use to
27. I _____a___to inform you, that you didn’t pass the exam.
a) pity b) apologise c) regret d) sorry
28. My work’s got worse and worse. Unless I ____b____ I will fail my exam in the summer.
a) get well b) improve c) increase d) get back
29. I go to bed _____b___ 11 o’clock.
a) on b) at c) in d) -
30. She _____b___ a new book at the moment.
a) writes b) is writing c) has written d) wrote
1, 7, 10, 11, 12, 15, 18 źle, imo. Reszty nie czytałem.