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Complete the sentences using negatives in Past Perfect.

Uzupełnij zdania formą przeczącą w Past Perfect.

  1. I not/fly in such a fast plane before, so I was really excited.

  2. Joe not/see the woman who came in the office before.

  3. The house was dirty because we not/clean it for weeks.

  4. I was starving because I not/have anything to eat since the morning.

  5. Mike not/ride a horse before so he was a bit nervous.

  1. I not/do any of the work until my friend came and helped me.

  2. Kate not/buy a new flat until she inherited some money.

  3. My brother was furious because he not/expect such bad weather.

  4. I not/draw such a good picture for a long time so I was really proud of myself.

  5. My mother not/bake that kind of cake before but it tasted very good.

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Complete the sentences using negatives in Past Perfect.
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