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Complete the sentences using negatives in Past Perfect.

Uzupełnij zdania formą przeczącą w Past Perfect.

  1. Ann not/wear that dress until I told her it was very beautiful.

  2. I not/think about buying drinks, so we went to the store to get some.

  3. The room still looked nice because Helen not/change the furniture.

  4. Tom was very nervous as he not/take such a difficult exam before.

  5. His English not/improve much until he went to London.

  1. I not/ask her that question before and felt a bit ashamed.

  2. Kevin told me that he not/date any girls until he was eighteen.

  3. I not/play bridge much so I wasn't very good at it.

  4. My friends were very excited because they not/travel by ferry before.

  5. Jane not/open the letter because she was worried about what it might say.

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Complete the sentences using negatives in Past Perfect.
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