Mowa zależna reporting verbs – ćwiczenia

Polecenie: Report the statements using appropriate reporting verbs from the list. Use each verb only once.
poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Mowa zależna - reporting verbs

  1. You say: "I guarantee to finish the gardening tomorrow."
    You report: "I to finish the gardening the next day."

  2. Ben says: "I'm sick of my noisy neighbours."
    You report: "Ben about his noisy neighbours."

  3. Colin says: "It was me who damaged your fence."
    You report: "Colin to having damaged my fence."

  4. Susan says: "You shouldn't let your kids do whatever they want."
    You report: "Susan me to be stricter with my children."

  5. You say: "Look, Neil, you must remember to renew your passport."
    You report: "I Neil to renew his passport."

  1. Charlie says: "It's going to cost about fifty pounds for me to repair your washing machine."
    You report: "Charlie he'd want about fifty pounds to fix my washing machine.

  2. Mark says: "We could go to the lake for a swim."
    You report: "Colin we go swimming in the lake."

  3. Lionel says: "It's easy! I'll tell you how to install it."
    You report: "Lionel to me how to install a programme."

  4. You say: "Slow down, Pete, or you'll have an accident."
    You report: "I Pete he might have an accident if he didn't slow down."

  5. Michelle says: "I'm not totally sure you should ever get married."
    You report: "Michelle that marriage would suit me."

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28 sie 2018

mateusz180991 dziękujemy za uwagę. Poprawione!

18 cze 2018

6. Mały błąd: raz jest Charlie a raz Colin. Trochę myli


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