Ćwiczenia online - Mowa zależna - reporting verbs


Report the statements by choosing the correct forms of the reporting verbs.

Opis gramatyki: Mowa zależna - reporting verbs

  1. Fred says: "I haven't had pizza for ages."
    You report: "Fred   that he hadn't had pizza for a long time."

  2. A scientist says: "Ocean research needs more funding."
    You report: "An expert   more funding for ocean research."

  3. Dave says: "Mike should stop complaining all the time."
    You report: "Dave   Mike's constant complaining."

  4. The mayor says: "Parking will be free in the town centre during the spring festival."
    You report: "The mayor  1   we  2   pay to park in the town centre during the spring festival."


  5. Bobby says: "I won't be going on holiday with you."
    You report: "Bobby   not to go on holiday with me."

  1. Sandra says: "You must tell me what you know about Steve's arrest."
    You report: "Sandra   I tell her everything about Steve's arrest."

  2. Tod says: "Why don't you come round next Saturday."
    You report: "Tod   me round next Saturday."

  3. Larry says: "Would you like me to lend you some money?"
    You report: "Larry   I borrow some money from him."

  4. Miranda says: "You'll have a better time in Spain than anywhere else."
    You report: "Sandra   I holiday in Spain."

  5. Sid says: "You shouldn't work on electrical installations. You have no experience."
    You report: "Sid   me about working on electrical installations without experience."

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