Przysłówki czasu (adverbs of time) – ćwiczenia z angielskiego

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Choose the correct adverbs of time to complete the sentences.

Wybierz właściwy przysłówek czasu do uzupełnienia zdania.

  1. Please sign the credit agreement and send it   to our head office.

  2. Our company will   be known as TSD Motors.

  3. I lost a lot of money and   had to borrow from the bank.

  4. Our supplier is   updating its materials database.

  5. The computer and the projector will come on   when you press this switch.

  1. There will be a cold buffet   this afternoon's meeting.

  2. The negotiators are   busy in the conference room.

  3. Take a seat and I'll be with you  .

  4. Mr Armstrong   worked for our main competitor.

  5. We had   thought about expanding our operations in France.

Więcej ćwiczeń dla Przysłówki czasu w języku angielskim:
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